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36 mos.
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Investment Summary

Infinity Capital Finance offers accredited investors the opportunity to invest in Infinity Capital Finance Income Fund, LLC.  The Company originates hard money loan on residential properties, funded over $125M in successful projects.

The offering is available with an annual 7.50% preferred return, paid monthly, and 10% LP splits on all net profits, paid monthly.  The loans will be sold within 30 days post-closing to recycle the capital. This will allow investors to compound their returns for a more lucrative ROI.  Investors can expect to receive distribution checks/ACH deposits on a monthly basis.

Investment Type Income Fund
Term 36 Months
Raise Amount $50,000,000
Targeted ROI 9-11%

Why Invest?

  • 7% Pref and 50% LP splits on all net profits –The sponsor is offering a 7% preferred return and 50% LP splits on all net profits to the investors. The Fund is slated to produce a ROI of 30%+.
  • Fully Secured – The Fund will be originating hard money loans secured in 1st position by real estate.  Each property will have a recorded 1st mortgage in place.
  • Note Sales Limit Risk – The originated loans will be sold within 1-2 weeks post-closing to recycle 100% of the capital back to the Fund. All risk of default, foreclosure, and loss will transfer 100% to the note buyer with no claw back exposure to the Fund.
  • Experienced Sponsor – Infinity Capital has originated over $100M in loans since starting in 2014 with our funding partners. In the last two years our portfolio has excelled from a performance standpoint, with only 1 30 day late occurring.

Risk Mitigates

  • Market Expertise – Strong experienced team: Infinity Capital has been lending since 2016 with the sponsor starting out in hard money lending back in 2012.  With almost 10 years in the business, Infinity was able to successfully navigate the COVID pandemic’s impact on lending to having one of the strongest lending years in 2021.
  • Opportunity to Expand  – With a large void in the lending space for a reliable lender, there is a large demand for the lending program the Fund will offer to borrowers.  This will allow the demand to far exceed the capital supply to start, allowing the Fund to choose only the highest quality deals to place in the Fund.
  • Strong Returns with Low/No Risk – The Fund is offering around a 30% return with almost no risk exposure.  By selling the notes and transferring all default risk to the note buyer, the Fund will be able to mitigate any of the risks associated with a loan going south.  We can avoid the foreclosure risk entirely and protect the capital from any exposure on loses.  This will eliminate all the risk that comes with this type of lending traditionally.